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Get To Know Us.

Local, independent, family owned funeral directors, Goldthorpe. We help, care and support our community through the most difficult of times.

Throughout our lives, we experience the loss of loved ones, and this affects us all in different ways. Reflecting on personal losses of family and close friends, we want to ensure each funeral is tailor made and personal, making each funeral appropriate for each individual family and their relatives, as this is the last thing we can do for those we love.

What makes Bramleys Independent Funeral Directors different?

We work with you to help create a tailored funeral plan that suits you and your wishes. Each plan is unique, we don't like the idea of having to 'fit' into pre-designed plans, we only want our customers to pay for the options they really want. You can also include no-cost elementswithin your plan, for example: music you would like playing during the service, or if you would like our bearers to wear different coloured ties. There are so many possibilities to make your plan personal, if you have an idea we help you make it happen.

Thinking About Planning Ahead?

Our funeral plans provide peace of mind for the future. The advantage of a prepayment plan over a savings account or life insurance policy is that you can pay now, at today's price, and beat inflation - no matter when the service might be required. The Funeral Director's fees will be paid by Funeral Planning Trust when the funeral has been provided. Funeral prepayment plans are provided by Funeral Planning Services in association with a network of independent, family-owned Funeral Directors throughout the UK. Funeral prepayments are held in Funeral Planning Trust and monitored by the Funeral Planning Authority.

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